Magestore published a quizz a few days ago about Magento 2.
Questions inside are very interesting and it’s another way to learn about Magento functionalities.
I will not explain the reasons of the answers because all of the points aborded during the quizz are not yet on the Magento 2 training program. You can check by yourself in order to understand the answers below !

If you want to try the quizz by yourself : Magento Quizz by MageStore

If you want to check the answers, scroll down !

1. Question

Choose the right running order of method plugins:

A. Around-Listener method -> Before-Listener Method -> After-Listener Method
B. Before-Listener Method -> Around-Listener method -> After-Listener Method
C. Around-Listener method -> Before-Listener Method -> After-Listener Method -> Around-Listener method
D. Before-Listener Method -> After-Listener Method -> Around-Listener method

2. Question
What is the table of installed modules on Magento 2?

A: core_setup
B: core_resource
C: module_setup
D: moduke_resource
E: setup_module

3. Question
Which file can we transfer parameters through?

A: config.xml
B: conflix.xml
C: di.xml
D: fieldset.xml
E: arguments.xml

4. Question
Choose the best answer about function of objectManager:
(1): Implementing singleton pattern
(2): Creating objects
(3): Automatically instantiating parameters
(4): Managing dependencies

A: 1,2,3
B: 1,2,4

5. Question
Which tag do you use to define a class will be substituted for an interface?

A, <class>
B. <type>
C. <preference>
D. <define>

6. Question
Do all of the links in Magento 2 run through index.php file in root folder?

A. Yes
B. No

7. Question
What is the function of Routing in Magento 2?
( There are more than 1 correct answers on this question)

A. converts a request URL into a style Magento can handle
B. finds the class that will be able to process url
C. process data and return html to browser

8. Question
What is the responsibility of front controller in Magento 2?
( There are more than 1 correct answers on this question)

A. Gather all routers
B. Find a matching controller/router
C. Obtain generated HTML to response object
D. Get all parameters from url and process it and transfer to all block

9. Question
How many types of router does Magento 2 have in frontend?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

10. Question
Some auxiliary methods that are useful in the admin controllers.
( There are more than 1 correct answers on this question)

A. _getSession
B. _getSecretKey
C. _addJs, _addContent, _addLeft
D. _getBackendUrl
E. _getUrl

11. Question
Which index has been removed from Magento indexers?

URL rewrite
Catalog Product Rule
Catalog Search

12. Question
File stored default config value of Magento 2


13. Question
How many primary modes are availaible in Magento 2?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4

14. Question
Which file stored Magento 2 access database information?


15. Question
Which is the correct fully-qualified module name?

A. Magestore01a_Bannerslider1000
B. Magestore_Bannerslider1.0.0
C. Magestore_Bannerslider_1
D. MagestoreBannerslider

16. Question
Which is the correct setup version of a module ?


17. Question
Which folder contains theme in Magento 2?

A. app/design
B. app/code/design
C. app/designs

18. Question
Which class router is firstly checked when we run an action in frontend?

A. Magento\Framework\App\Router\DefaultRouter
B. Magento\DesignEditor\Controller\Varien\Router\Standard
C. Magento\Cms\Controller\Router
D. Magento\Core\App\Router\Base

19. Question
Which tags in layout do we use to add child blocks into a container?

A. referenceBlock
B. referenceContainer
C. Both A and B

20. Question
There is a layout file called magestoremodulea_index_index.html.
What is the meaning of magestoremodulea?

A. A normal name of the module
B. The value of Attribute ID in tag route defined in file <area>/routes.xml
C. The value of attribute frontName in tag route defined in file
D. No meaning

Magento 2 Quizz Magestore : the answers !
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