Skype hasn’t got update on Ubuntu since a long time (Thanks Microsoft !), so i searched a solution in order to have a “nice” Skype version without lost features of the “software” version.

I found the web version of Skype and decided to use it as my new Skype :

Open this link, and in the Chrome menu choose : “More tools > Add to Desktop ” and check the box “Open in a new window”

In your desktop, put the new Skype icon in the Unity launcher. You know have a new Skype on your launcher, in a dedicated window, and you can have Chrome notification if you want !

Warning ! If you delete the desktop shortcut, the launcher’s icon will dissapear. If you want to delete de desktop shortcut, copy it. Go into the folder you want (I choose my personal folder), and create a new one. Name it with a “.” at the beginning like “.shortcurts” and past the shortcut in this new folder (You can show hidden folders with CTRL + h). Drop the new icon on the Unity launcher and it’s finished ! You’ve got the launcher icon and no shortcurt on the desktop.

Use Skype as a web app with Unity and Chrome
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